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Some of the best romantic restaurants in Barcelona have been designed by Lazaro Rosa-Violan. Often the act of eating out is not only about the food served but the environment that it is served in. When you can collect all of the elements together – atmosphere, setting, and gastronomical delights, […]

Romantic Restaurants in Barcelona

Situated on the coast, the temperate waters of the Mediterranean influence the weather of Barcelona, giving it mild winters and cooler Summers compared to other parts of Spain, like Madrid or Granada. It rains infrequently and usually only in Autumn or Spring when the days can go from sunny to […]

What clothing to pack for a holiday in Barcelona – ...

  If you’ve visited Barcelona before or perhaps you have been enjoying a longer stay in the city, you might think of exploring further afield. Here we have two day trips up the coast to the Costa brava. Exploring the towns of Tossa De Mar and Cadaques, grab your swimsuits and […]

2 Day Trips to the Costa Brava

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There are a fair number of unique, unusual and quirky bars in Barcelona, some have fun themes while in others the drinks or decor makes them stand out in your memory. Here we feature some that have been our favorites and some you should try to check out on your […]

Unusual Bars in Barcelona

Barcelona is usually graced with splendid weather, and so it’s no wonder that most people spend their time out doors rather than in the many museums the city has to offer. Don’t miss out however as Barcelona has some great spaces filled with art, culture, history and science. Barcelona was […]

A Guide to Barcelona’s Museums & Galleries

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So you have 48 hours in Barcelona? So little time, and so much to do, Our easy seasonal itineraries will help you make the most of your time in the city. Take in the views, the history, the culture, the architecture, the food and more! We have included a good […]

A Weekend in Barcelona

Brunch in Barcelona is all the rage. On a weekend, you can’t step out of your front door without finding a spot where you can fill up on the best food invention ever –  breakfast and lunch rolled into one. Throw in some bloody marys, mimosas, and your weekend in […]

Brunch Barcelona

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Barcelona has a sweet tooth! Perhaps not the kind you are used to, but how can a place that offers nutella or chocolate croissants for breakfast not enjoy a little spot of sweetness. If you enjoy sugary delights, look no further than our recommendations below. Before long your belly will […]

Barcelona for the Sweet Tooth

La Merce – The weather is balmy, the eveings still long and as summer finally winds down, Barcelona parties. The city’s main annual festival, celebrating the end of summer and Barcelona’s Saint- the Virgin La Merce. Marked by 3 days of festivities, including fireworks, carnivals, music events, exhibitions, workshops, parades, […]

Best of Barcelona’s Festivals

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Great Beaches in Catalunya are not hard to come by, with a little exploring you will discover a heap of blue sea, white sands, pebble beaches, hidden coves, crystal clear waters, and vistas to make your Instagram look photoshopped! Here are our top 5 beaches in Catalunya, Spain, all within […]

Our 5 Favorite Beaches

There are oodles of lovely coffee shops in Barcelona, it’s hard to pick a favorite. If you are struggling, why not try one of these 4 that are in our Top 10 cafes of Barcelona. We will be sure to add more later, but for now, enjoy some coffee, and […]

4 Lovely cafes in Barcelona

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The 3rd wave coffee phenomenon has landed in Barcelona. It’s true – a number of months ago, there were only a smattering of places that offered hand poured coffee, but now you can find yourself in a cool Spandi cafe (my new word for Spanish+Scandinavian Style)in two or three easy […]

All About Coffee in Barcelona