4 Lovely cafes in Barcelona


There are oodles of lovely coffee shops in Barcelona, it’s hard to pick a favorite. If you are struggling, why not try one of these 4 that are in our Top 10 cafes of Barcelona. We will be sure to add more later, but for now, enjoy some coffee, and sweet treats in style!

IMG_5589cafe cometa – cometa is the little sister cafe of cosmo cafe on c/enric granados. cometa is located in sant antoni on c/parlament, and is super petit, a tiny cute space, where you can squeeze in for a little jam on toast and coffee, and enjoy the art on the walls.

la criolla – off the beaten track, la criolla has a beautiful indoor terrace, they also serve cakes, pastries and a great menu del dia.

meatpacking bistro – labelling themselves a little slice of NYC in Barcelona, meatpacking bistro packs a good lunch and coffee in a crisp cafe designed by Lazaro Rosa Violan.

spice cafe– go for the carrot cake. its good! nuff said!

*BONUS CAFE lukumas (pictured above) serves delicious greek donuts and coffee in two locales, one in Gracia, and the other in Raval. the perfect spot for your sweet tooth!

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