Romantic Restaurants in Barcelona

Some of the best romantic restaurants in Barcelona have been designed by Lazaro Rosa-Violan.

big fish barcelona chez coco barcelona artTe barcelona

Often the act of eating out is not only about the food served but the environment that it is served in. When you can collect all of the elements together – atmosphere, setting, and gastronomical delights, there cannot be much to beat the enjoyment that you can share among friends and family or as a single diner contemplating your perfectly poured glass of wine. In Barcelona you can find quite a few of these special and unique places and you should definitely choose at least one to celebrate your trip to the city. Why not make a special occasion of it, dress up and enjoy!

I find that the Aesthetic embodied in the interiors by renowned interior designer Rosa-Violan does much to enhance a dining experience in Barcelona. With cleverly thought out palettes, beautiful lighting, a curious but perfect mix of texture and pattern, his designs are opulent but minimal and really offer some of the best places to go for a romantic date or a special occasion. They remind me of a Victorian curiosity cabinet, each detail displayed to enhance its features. Think loads of glass, metal and tile work and you will have some idea of the spaces.

Here are a few of our favorite TRIED & TESTED places to enjoy his interiors in Barcelona. Don’t forget to check out his website to find out more places in Madrid and further afield.

Chez Coco
The Cotton house Hotel
Meat Packing Bistro
El Nacional
Praktik Hotel Bakery
Big Fish

all photos via LvR

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