The Illustrated Guide


The Illustrated Guide to Barcelona
Eats, Walks, Places, Daytrips, and more…

The illustrated guide introduces you to Barcelona through the eyes of artist Kat Cameron in 55 full colour pages. In an easy downloadable PDF perfect for viewing on your tablet, phone or computer, it makes a great accompaniment to your travels and adventures in Barcelona. Designed as an informative off beat quirky guide, it’s full of fun facts, and secret spots to amuse yourself in the city.

Kat Cameron is a South African artist living and working in Barcelona. After being asked many times to recommend places for family and friends to visit the city, she put together this mini guide, which includes some of her favourite things to do see and eat in the city. The guide is a visual exploration of Barcelona with fun ideas of how to spend your time, and enjoy the city of artists.

Join her on an illustrated adventure through Barcelona, Spain.


kat cameron illustration guide to barcelona