top 5 beaches catalunya

Our 5 Favorite Beaches

top 5 beaches catalunya

top 5 beaches catalunya

Great Beaches in Catalunya are not hard to come by, with a little exploring you will discover a heap of blue sea, white sands, pebble beaches, hidden coves, crystal clear waters, and vistas to make your Instagram look photoshopped! Here are our top 5 beaches in Catalunya, Spain, all within 2 hours driving from Barcelona.


San Sebastian Beach in Barcelona lies at the foot of the w hotel. It stretched down the strand towards Barceloneta and offers superb views of all of Barcelonas beaches which curve away down to the Besos River. San Sebastian has a good selection of chiringuitos to choose from as well as offering water sports such as paddle boarding and sailing, from the club de natacio. Our favorite spot to take in the view is Salt, sit in one of their pretty beach chairs, your feet in the sand and sip on a cold beverage while you do. The water at San Sebastian is clear and the beach is a little less crowded than Barceloneta while still being close to the city center. Do be aware however that it is a nudist beach and you may get an eyefull. If this is something you are uncomfortable with, perhaps choose another beach.

Garraf Beach can be found at the foot of the tiny village of Garraf. It’s a short twenty minute train ride from Barcelona, and the small natural beach is clean and charming. Enjoy hunting for shells along the shore, or admire the quaint wooden holiday shacks, stacked in a row on the sand. They were originally built to house railway workers, but now house happy holidaymakers instead. The beach has a sprawling restaurant overlooking the sea and makes a good spot for lunch.

Aiguablava is as it’s name would suggest a wonderful little bright blue bay on the Costa Brava coast. Situated near Palafrugell and Begur, it is a popular destination in summer, and you will often find the beach and bay jam packed with holiday makers. Opt to visit slightly off season, when you can still enjoy the beach and water, but the crowds won’t be stomping on your towel or splashing you in the face. The beach offers diving, and has a number of fun paddle boats which you can rent and explore the coves and cliffs that seclude the waters of Aiguablava. BONUS BEACH – check out Sa Tuna nearby!

Sant Pol de Mar is a small village north of Barcelona, a pleasant train ride away. The sand is fine and the waters clear. There are a number of beaches to enjoy in the town and just outside of town, which you can drive or walk to. Some of the beaches are located below cliffs which offer great views down the coast and climbing to those more interested in the heights than the inviting waters.

Santa Cristina is a picturesque beach near Loret de Mar. Made up from a number of little coves, pick your preferred one, and enjoy. There is a convenient beach bar, and shady pines where you can picnic.

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COFFEE in barcelona

All About Coffee in Barcelona

COFFEE in barcelona

COFFEE in barcelona

The 3rd wave coffee phenomenon has landed in Barcelona. It’s true – a number of months ago, there were only a smattering of places that offered hand poured coffee, but now you can find yourself in a cool Spandi cafe (my new word for Spanish+Scandinavian Style)in two or three easy steps. Flickering filament lightbulbs highlight the choices – chemex, siphon, aeropress, french press, espresso, flat white, and trusty old hario. The white tiled walls and wooden accents complement the azulejos and copper piping, your coffee is fragrantly steaming in your hand as a barista tells you about the beans.

If this is something you get excited about, and I won’t lie, I love a good coffee in a pretty place, then you’re in luck, head to the following coffee shops and enjoy your brew!

Satan’s coffee in the Gothic quarter, this is a good cafe to stop at while exploring near the cathedral. Get lost in the alleyways trying to find their shop.

Onna cafe in Gracia serves up delicious coffee from Costa Rica, they also offer yummy snacks, and free wifi.

Syra coffee a hole in the wall coffee stand, with space for a few bar stools, Syra makes coffee with Onnas beans and they do a great takeaway

Nomad coffee on the fast track to being Barcelona’s number one coffee shop, they take their coffee seriously.

Cafes el Magnifico the oldest locale in Barcelona to serve great coffee. they have a roastery in their shop and supply a large number of the cafes and bistros in Barcelona with coffee beans, you can sample coffee from a large selection of growers, and they do a mean espresso.

SlowMov a recently opened space in Gracia, they serve filter coffee and espresso from a cute little shop/ meeting space. The coffee is direct trade, and they roast in house. You can buy their beans by the bag, or just enjoy a cuppa at their central table while you read a book.




You can also find coffee in a few food trucks scattered around Barcelona, they turn up at various pop-up markets and with a little google investigation you’ll be able to sample their cups. Skye coffee and Nomad both have coffee trucks.

You can sample some great coffee at various Bistros through the city – Caravelle which serves coffee made with beans roasted by Right Side Coffee, a local roastery. Nomad also has a roastery in Poble Nou, and you can sign up for coffee workshops with both ventures.

If you are here in summer, be sure to try the cold brews on offer at Nomad and Onna. You can also try to find Cafes Fred who construct their own cold brews.

If all this is mumbo jumbo to you, here is a little guide to typical traditional spanish coffee found in most cafes in Barcelona.

Americano – large machine coffee with extra hot water

Cafe Largo – espresso shot with extra hot water

Cortado – espresso shot with milk

Carajillo – espresso shot with milk and your favorite alcohol (be specific carajillo con baileys…)

Cafe con Leche – milk coffee

A few other notable Spanish words you may want to throw around to make your coffee just how you like it –

sin espuma -without foam

leche desnatada – fat free milk

leche de soja – soya milk

caliente – hot

templado – warm

fria -cold

descafinado – decaffeinated

So perhaps you enjoy your coffee – “cafe con leche sin espuma, con leche desnatada,  fria, gracias!” – milk coffee without foam, with fat free cold milk. Thank you very much!

Also of interest is this post on the mystery of Torrefacto… love it or hate it, it’s some fascinating coffee history!

Enjoy your coffee at these lovely Barcelona cafes…